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Many from the Steve Allen Originals range,

augmented by items from other suppliers.

The Gothic style can be charted back through the centuries to medieval times and has always represented an alternative to convention.  This probably explains its enduring popularity.

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To coincide with the development and introduction of our very own, exclusive MINSTER GOTHIC range of hand-made, bespoke, gothic-style pine furniture we have recently launched our brand new MINSTER-GOTHIC.COM website

This new site will probably eventually replace this ageing site completely, but for the time being we intend to run both sites in parallel.  However the MINSTER-GOTHIC.COM site will be the one that is kept as up to date as possible and all new items/ranges will be added there rather than here, so we would recommend that you bookmark that one for future use.  Please Click here or on any of the highlighted links above to go directly there.

The new site is very new and we are still ironing out some bugs, so if you find any, or have any suggestions for improvements, please get in touch.

There is a fully functional CONTACT US page on the new site as well as a CHAT ROOM facility. 

Otherwise feel free to continue browsing this site!  Many thanks.

Before reading further PLEASE NOTE!

Many of the items on this page are at least temporarily unavailable.

The Steve Allen Range has been discontinued by the Steve Allen Company. I am temporarily leaving the items on display in the hope that they will resume production at some time in the future.

I have marked the items that are not available at this time.

Apologies for any disappointment/inconvenience.  As soon as I have any definite news I will either remove the items from the site, or reinstate availabilty. 

Thanks for reading!

Because of the discontinuation of the STEVE ALLEN Range and the fact that it is no longer likely to ever come back into production, we are now developing our very own, exclusive MINSTER GOTHIC bespoke range of Gothic Style Pine Furniture. 

We are still in the development / prototype stage and now have a completely new web-site to complement the new range.  Also please feel free to CLICK HERE to look at our business FaceBook page which contains an album of photos dedicated to the current development of the Minster Gothic Range.  For any enquiries or to give any suggestions, please feel free to contact us using the links above.  Thank you.

Superb quality Gothic Style Settle
Gothic style Hi-Fi Cabinet.

Discontinued (See above)

Gothic Settle

Height: 1145mm, 45"
Width: 965mm, 38"
Depth: 483mm, 19"

Gothic Style Grandfather Clock.

Exclusive to

Smith & Smith Designs

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Height: 1830mm, 72"
Width: 380mm, 15"
Depth: 280mm, 11"

Discontinued (See above)

Hi-Fi Cabinet

Height: 762mm, 30"
Width: 736mm, 29"
Depth: 457mm, 18"

Discontinued (See above)

TV Cabinet

(with internal space for Video, Satellite, etc)
Height: 1016mm, 40"
Width: 762mm, 30"
Depth: 482mm, 19"

Discontinued (See above)

TV-Video Cabinet

Height: 457mm, 18"
Width: 990mm, 39"
Depth: 508mm, 20"

Discontinued (See above)

Television Corner Stand

Height: 495mm
Width: 995mm
Depth: 590mm

Discontinued (See above)

Coffee Table

Height: 508mm, 20"
Width: 1117mm, 44"
Depth: 558mm, 22"

Discontinued (See above)

CD / Video / DVD Cabinet / Column (shown as a pair)

(Will store up to 80 CDs with adjustable shelves for Video or DVD storage)
Height: 925mm, 36.5"
Width: 285mm, 11.25"
Depth: 285mm, 11.25"

Discontinued (See above)

Slim Bookcase

Height: 1690mm, 66.5"
Width: 495mm, 19.5"
Depth: 275mm, 11"

Discontinued (See above)

Double Bookcase

Height: 1690mm, 66.5"
Width: 915mm, 36"
Depth: 275mm, 11"

Discontinued (See above)

Low Bookcase with drawer

Height: 1295mm, 51"
Width: 695mm, 27.5"
Depth: 295mm, 11.5"

Discontinued (See above)

Slim Bookcase with drawer

Height: 1755mm, 69"
Width: 315mm, 20.5"
Depth: 295mm, 11.5"

Table sizes available:-

Table GT5

Height: 765mm, 30"

Width: 1520mm, 60"

Depth: 930mm, 36.5"


Discontinued (See above)

Gothic Dining

Table GT6

Height: 765mm, 30"

Width: 1830mm, 72"

Depth: 930mm, 36.5"


Height: 1320mm, 51.5"

Width: 440mm, 14"

Depth: 435mm, 17.5"

Gothic / Medieval Style Bed

A seriously chunky, stylish bed.

Available in all sizes and many formats including Four Posters and "low-foot" versions.



Discontinued (See above)

Pot Cupboard

Height: 710mm, 28"
Width: 430mm, 17"
Depth: 508mm, 20"

Shoe Cupboard

Discontinued (See above)

Height: 870mm, 34.5"

Width: 650mm, 25.5"

Depth: 330mm, 13"

Discontinued (See above)

Blanket Box

Height: 485mm
Width: 835mm
Depth: 415mm

Discontinued (See above)

Hall Cupboard

Height: 870mm, 34.5"

Width: 650mm, 25.5"

Depth: 330mm, 13"

Cheval Mirror

Discontinued (See above)

Height: 870mm, 63"

Width: 560mm, 22"

Depth: 380mm, 15"

Discontinued (See above)


Height: 900mm, 35.5"

Width: 508mm, 20"

Tall Gothic Wall Mirror M006/75

Discontinued (See above)


Height: 1067mm, 42"
Width: 1300mm, 51"

Discontinued (See above)

Fire Surround

Height: 1195mm, 47"
Width: 1423mm, 56"
Depth: 204mm, 8"

Discontinued (See above)

Tall Mirror

Height: 1510mm, 59.5"

Width: 360mm, 14.5"

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