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A superb, top quality bedroom range inspired by the designs of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. 

Made from best Quebec Yellow Pine which is stainable to any shade.

The transition from the dying embers of the staid and stoic Victorian era to today's modern world can be traced through the pioneering work of

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Born in Glagow in 1868, he trained as an architect and interior designer and went on to become one of the most unique and creative designers that the world has known.

He introduced symbolism, balanced light with dark, and blended tradition with modernity.  Femininity and Masculinity would influence his work in equal measure.

To complete his radical and exciting building projects he created completely new interiors, designing furniture, fabrics and wallpaper.

The giant achievments of Charles Rennie Mackintosh in both Architecture and Design now show him to be a man ahead of his time.

All the items of furniture in this range are hand inlaid with a choice of either cream or aquamarine, crackle-glazed ceramic plaques made by the famous Clayworth Pottery.

The beds in the range are all designed to disassemble for easy stairwell access.

All beds are guaranteed "squeakfree"

Mackintosh Tall Bed. 5 Widths Available. 899/949/1099/1216/1287
Mackintosh 2 door Wardrobe. Also available as a 4 door Wardrobe.695/1195
Mackintosh 7 drawer tallboy. 385

A stunning bed that the great man would have been proud to put his name to!

Available in 4'6", 5', 6', 6'6" and 7' Widths.

The headboard is an imposing 73" (1845mm) tall.

Mackintosh Wardrobe

Height: 1930mm, 76"

Width: 1285mm, 51"

Depth: 580mm, 23"

Also available as a 4 Door!

Width: 2520mm, 99"

Mackintosh Tallboy

Height: 1370mm, 54"

Width: 560mm, 22"

Depth: 460mm, 18"

Mackintosh Dressing-table Stool. 89
Mackintosh Standard Head Height Bed. 699/749/799/916/987
Mackintosh Dressing Table. 475/ Mirror Assembly 155

Mackintosh dressing-table stool

Height: 425mm, 17"

Width: 390mm, 15"

Depth: 495mm, 19.5"

The Mackintosh bed is also available in lower head size

Head height 1445mm, 57"

Other dimensions as per above left.

Mackintosh Dressing-Table

Height: 765mm, 30"

Width: 1488mm, 58.5"

Depth: 440mm, 17.5"

Mirror Unit

Height: 725mm, 28.5"

Width: 850mm, 33.5"

Depth: 175mm, 7"

Mirror Unit will also fit chest of drawers below!

Mackintosh Blanket Chest / Box. 175
Mackintosh Bed-side Chest. 155
Mackintosh 4 Drawer Chest. 375, 5 Drawer Chest 395

Mackintosh Blanket Chest / Box

Height: 500mm, 20"

Width: 880mm, 35"

Depth: 440mm, 17.5"

Mackintosh Bed-side Chest

Height: 610mm, 24"

Width: 510mm, 20"

Depth: 370mm, 14.5"

Mackintosh 4 drawer chest

Height: 925mm, 36.5"

Width: 910mm, 36"

Depth: 440mm, 17.5"

5 drawer chest also available

Height: 1125mm, 44"

Width: 910mm, 36"

Depth: 440mm, 17.5"

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