Antiques are not everyone's "cup of tea", also it is not always possible to find specific items of furniture that meet modern needs but are also antique. A good example of this is the fact that the majority of antique wardrobes or armoires are not deep enough to accept the modern coat-hanger, as the coat hanger was not invented at the time that wardrobes were being made. In addition to this type of problem, there is also the probability that it is not always possible to find a specific item of antique furniture in a specific size, timber, colour, finish etc. that you are looking for.... or maybe your patience has just run out!

The answer to this is to have furniture designed and made to your specific requirements. The same skilled craftsmen that carry out our restoration work are equally capable of making any piece of furniture that you may desire. All they need to know are: dimensions and your basic ideas, however simple or elaborate. Dave Smith has an honours degree in 3-dimensional design and will happily translate your ideas and specifications into your own unique furniture designs.

If you wish, you can provide your own drawings or designs. Our craftsmen can create beautiful furniture from the most basic sketch, or magazine photographs etc. They love a challenge!

We work mainly in "Canadian Yellow Pine" which is one of the species of Pine that the Victorians used to make their Pine furniture, however we will endeavour to source any timber that you specify. Oak and Ash are other favourites that we are often asked to work with.

Whenever we make an item of furniture, we always use traditional woodworking techniques, such as dove-tail joints in the fronts and backs of drawers. Stains and polishes used are at our customers' discretion. Anything from the modern and durable lacquers to hand-waxed or oiled finishes.

Feedback from our customers and our own experience has led us to the opinion that custom-made furniture is not as expensive as most people imagine, and of course it costs nothing to ask for an estimate.


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